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Shipping container tiny house

Self contained modified shipping container house with enclosed outdoor kitchen

Embrace the concept of 'less is more' and experience a simpler, low impact, small footprint way of living. Making extensive use of recycled materials and low-tech solutions, the container house is comfortable with clever use of space. Enjoy lush views out the expansive windows into the forest garden, alive with birds and bees.

The shipping container offers both a double and single bed as well as a hammock for relaxing in the attached conservatory. A small but well equipped kitchen will allow for simple meal preparation. The kitchen includes a mini fridge and gas cooking. You can also make use of the wood fire oven situated in the container space. The wood fire also heats the water for both the kitchen and the outdoor shower. The outdoor toilet is a rustic little outhouse in close proximity.
  • Suitable for up to two people
  • Not suitable for young children
  • No wifi (cellphone and mobile data coverage)
  • No smoking anywhere on the premises


Blockhill / Olmec and Melisa

Sunday 10am - 1pm 966 Leader Road East, Cheviot, 7384

Since 2009 we have been practising natural living. Our actions and activities focus on establishing and refining an enjoyable and meaningful existence that works in harmony with natural systems.

Motivated by the converging problems of environmental degradation, over population, peak oil and climate change, we employ permaculture principals and philosophies to develop resilient living systems with a focus on biological environmental restoration, food production and living in balance with nature.

Topics covered:
  • Food forest gardening - nature inspired food production with integrated water harvesting and irrigation
  • Various solar and wood hot water heating systems
  • Heating and cooking with wood
  • Tiny houses and basic composting toilets
  • Solar electric backup
  • Encounter chickens, ducks and kune kune pigs that live in the forest garden

Stay both friday and saturday night in our eco-cabin for a total of $240 and get the in-depth experience.
Contact us to arrange.