Ouroboros and Yurtopia / Sinclair - Sutherland Family

Saturday 10am – 1pm 453 Overtons Rd, Scargill

Nev and I have lived on Ouroboros, a small holding in the Scargill Valley, for 40 years. We are a product of the 60s-70s hippy movement so we were motivated by the "back to nature" movement and a desire to give our children a "real," healthy, non materialistic upbringing.

We see the need to be as self supporting and self reliant as possible so grow food, hunt food, forage food, and store and save it using various methods. Milk to cheese, meat to sausages or bacon, dehydration and bottling.

We have strong environmental concerns, hence our farming and gardening practices are organic. We also are trying to have a light footprint. We have never been on the grid, built our two homes, using locally sourced non treated timber materials and using windmills for water reticulation. We are trying to resist the temptation of a consumerist society.

Deschia, Daniel, Tui and Felix have lived in 2 yurts on the land close by for the last 10 years. They have a similar life philosophy with a simple life structure, home schooling their children, off grid and minimal technology.

Topics covered:
  • Yurt life, pros and cons.
  • Rearing children off grid.
  • Gardening, seed saving, orchard, and plant breeding
  • Windmills for pumping.
  • Animals; chickens, house cow, sheep, alpacas.
  • Negotiating an owner build, council consent process.