Land, plant and animal system management

Important ideas and topics for living a resilient life in times of change and crisis

Using nature as a model, coupled with human pattern recognition and forethought to create and nudge interconnected systems toward improved output, lower input.

We are aiming for a low impact, more sustainable way of living and being that draws inspiration from permaculture principals.

Mower madness

Today I attempted to use the mower on the rough grass and blackberries down the back. I got down the track ok and was able to do a pretty good job on the flattest areas but anywhere there was the slightest rise or unevenness it proved useless. Getting back up the track proved challenging with such poor traction. Eventually, after all kinds of runups, digging and pushing I was back in the flat paddock.

Late evening bottled first batch of plum wine and moved next batch from brewing barrel to demijohn. The concoction was super active, bubbling right up through the airlock.
March 03, 2011  mower  wine