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Pear - Beurre Hardy

Botanical name  Pyrus
Rootstock  Quince (dwarfing), Pear
Details  One of the few pear cultivars compatible with quince rootstock and therefore suitable for creating dwarf pear trees.
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Pear - Beurre Hardy QC

Details  Medium to large, yellow with cinnamon russet. Smooth, melting, buttery and very juicy. Rich aromatic flavour. Vigorous, healthy tree, quite hardy. Regular heavy crops in a warm location.

Used as grafting interstem on quince roots
Common name  Pear - Beurre Hardy QC
Botanical name  Pyrus communis sativa
Family  Rosaceae
Height (m)  4.0
Drought tolerance  
Date  August 06, 2013
Shade / Sun  Semi shade, Full sun
Soil type  Moist