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Lettuce inside and out

Lettuce inside and out

Details  One of the first things we started growing in the new tunnel house was some transplanted red lettuce that had been growing nearby.

It is simply amazing to see how different the two sets of plants are. Those that remained outside have hardly grown at all while those inside the warm humid tunnel house are ready to eat.

Listening to someone discussing this phenomenon recently and it sounds like the plants generate their pigments in response to UV light, of which there is less under plastic.
Date  September 18, 2010
Tags    Lettuce  Tunnel house 


Details  We are finally starting to get some cucumbers out of the tunnel house. Things have been growing like crazy in there, to the point where access is almost impossible.
However, having only one opening prevents airflow making the temperature too high and reducing bees, required for pollination. As a result, yields have been low.
Modifications are in order....
Date  March 05, 2011
Tags    cucumber  vegetable  tunnel house