2 Day Permaculture Crash Course


28 - 30 September 2018

Register by 14 September

Includes 2 nights of accommodation


Experience permaculture through natural living and hands on practical education

Join us in nature to grow and support a healthy, beautiful ecosystem of abundance. Since 2009 we have been applying permaculture principals and natural philosophies to our land management and lifestyle. We welcome individuals looking to reconnect with the rhythms and harmonies of nature through plants, food, animals and activity.

  • Be the change

    Be the change

  • Explore and appreciate natural complexities

    Explore and appreciate natural complexities

  • Learn a new way to be

    Learn a new way to be

  • Make use of energy flows

    Make use of energy flows

  • Sharing and caring with fury friends

    Sharing and caring with fury friends

How it works

How it works

Accommodation and food
  • Stay 2 nights in your choice of accommodation (See options below)
  • Provide your own food, prepare your own meals.
  • Make use of Cheviot's local supermarket options Cheviot 4 Square and Harris Meats (25 minute drive).
  • Enjoy supplementary fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables from the forest garden.
Education and activities
  • Spend at least 6 hours over 2 days exploring and discussing the topics that interest you most
  • Access to a collection of educational books and videos

Free time
  • Continue to explore the forest garden at your own pace if you wish
  • Relax and enjoy your meals
  • Visit nearby beaches and other destinations

Need a reason? Here are a few...

  • Spend time with like minded people.
  • Experience and learn new, useful and exciting things. A self reliant lifestyle means confidently performing a wide range of tasks. Get involved in daily activities
  • Discover joy and value in living simply and lightly. Feel the freedom of low cost, low impact living in harmony with the rhythm of the seasons.
  • Reconnect with the natural world. Realise we must approach from a point of observation and inclusion rather than intervention, exploitation and exclusion. We try to live within nature, appreciating the beneficial roles of all creatures.
  • Learn to observe and interact. Recognize patterns in nature and draw off of those when designing. The philosophy of whole systems thinking means letting go of our human centric cultural programming and our tendency to believe (informed) humans know best. We see ourselves as conductors helping guide and optimise natural flows.
  • Turn problems into solutions. Limitations feed creativity and lead to unexpected and beautiful outcomes.

Learn all about...



Visual presentation and discussion covering the main concepts of forest gardening and managed forage systems followed by an extensive tour of our established organic forest garden. You will learn about:

  • Mixed and companion planted polycultures
  • Edible foodscapes including food forest, forest gardening and guilds
  • Plant identification
  • Plant succession
  • Beneficial insects
  • Working with chooks, ducks and pigs
  • Hand tools: scythe, pruning, gardening, weeding
Drought proofing

Drought proofing

Water smart land shaping and rain harvesting strategies
  • Visual presentation and discussion covering key concepts and strategies
  • Tour the numerous swales, terraces and other water catchment systems and learn how they intercept, redirect and retain water in the landscape
  • Witness how swales and raised beds can be deployed in a food forest setting and how they benefit chickens, ducks and pigs
  • Discuss and demonstrate various tools and techniques
  • Utilising grey water and run-off
  • Mark out a contour line ready for swale construction
Plant propagation and care

Plant propagation and care

  • Starting annual and perennial plants from seed
  • Propagating / cloning plants from cuttings or by grafting
  • Growing in pots, open ground
  • Pruning and shaping

Accommodation Options

Shipping container tiny house

Self contained modified shipping container house with enclosed outdoor kitchen
Embrace the concept of 'less is more' and experience a simpler, low impact, small footprint way of living. Making extensive use of recycled materials and low-tech solutions, the container house is comfortable with clever use of space. Enjoy lush views out the expansive windows into the forest garden, alive with birds and bees.

The shipping container offers both a double and single bed as well as a couple of hammocks for relaxing in the attached conservatory. A small but well equipped kitchen will allow for simple meal preparation. The kitchen includes a mini fridge, gas cooking, electric jug. You can also make use of the wood fire oven situated in the container space. The wood fire also heats the water for both the kitchen and the outdoor shower. The outdoor toilet is a rustic little outhouse in close proximity.
  • Please enquire for groups larger than 2 people
  • Not suitable for young children
  • No wifi
  • No smoking anywhere on the premises
$60.00Per night

Total cost for your experience: $370

Eco Cabin Accommodation

A peaceful retreat surrounded by organic (permaculture) gardens and native bush. Relax in the hammocks during the sunny days or soak in the fire-bath under the night sky. A cosy cottage on a rainy day with beautiful private views looking out over the beech trees. Get back to nature and unwind while you enjoy the sights and sounds of country-living.

The Eco Cabin is a studio style single room which includes a mezzanine loft bed (queen mattress) with an additional fold-out futon bed downstairs. There is easy access to an outdoor composting toilet and fire-heated/solar-heated shower, as well as a fire-heated/solar-heated outdoor bath.

The cooking facilities include a fire-heated range cooktop and oven. There is also a toaster, a double hotplate, and a toaster oven for your convenience. The cabin has running water and a kitchen bench for preparing easy meals. There is also a mini fridge that can be turned on if needed.

A private deck overlooking the native bush is also available for a bit of bird-watching and relaxation.

  • Suitable for up to 2 guests. Additional guests please enquire
  • Not suitable for young children
  • No wifi
  • No smoking anywhere on the premises
$120.00Per night

Total cost for your experience: $490

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