What's all the fuss about?

Since 2009 we have been practising natural living. Our actions and activities focus on establishing and refining a sustainable, enjoyable and meaningful existence that works in harmony with natural systems.



An evening of social merriment and music.
We made our way to an interesting party out at port robenson where people dressed medieval and enjoyed a robust meal, drinks, flaming fires and music.
It made me think of something from Alice in Wonderland, a kind of mad hatters tea party as the monk played the trombone, costumes and hats swirled in dance surrounded by Ashley's bizarre décor.
partyMusic.mp3July 24, 2011  Music  party  community  medieval 
Solstice Gathering

Solstice Gathering

In an attempt to break up the gloomy monotony of the long dark winter months we organised a family get together.
Lots of food, good company and the obligatory bonfire.

The burned circular area has subsequently been dug and mulched in preparation for planting in spring.
July 03, 2010  Winter  Solstice  Bonfire  Party 
Signs of a greenie

Signs of a greenie

As part of the upcoming elections Melisa organised a sign for us to show off our true colours as the leader road greenies.

Jumps right out at the milk trucks, hanging from our recently erected sign post.
October 28, 2011  Green Party  Election  Signs