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Explore our range of fun, educational activities focused on low impact, self sufficiency, gardening and resilience.

We run these workshops and learning activities on demand for individuals and small groups. An ideal addition to your overnight stay.

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Learn to use a scythe

This workshop covers the details of using and caring for a traditional Austrian scythe. These tools are ideal for keeping smaller areas of grass under control. You will learn about:
  • Safety
  • Correct setup for your body
  • Posture and motion for effective use
  • Different blades for different jobs
  • Sharpening and repairing
Suitable for 1 - 2 people.
45 minutes duration  scythe  education  $30.00
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Create a simple flax basket

Learn how to weave a traditional Maori square basket. Made from natural flax fibre grown at blockhill, this simple pattern can be used to create baskets of various sizes. Identify, harvest and prepare flax leaves before weaving a small basket to take home.

$30 for first person, $5 each additional person
45 minutes  education  craft  weaving 
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Water wise land shaping and rain harvesting

  • Visual presentation covering key concepts and strategies
  • Tour the numerous swales and water catchment systems and learn how they intercept, redirect and retain water in the landscape
  • Witness how swales and raised beds can be deployed in a food forest setting and how they benefit chickens, ducks and pigs
  • Discuss and demonstrate various tools and techniques
  • Utilising grey water and run-off
  • Mark out a contour line ready for swale construction

Suitable for 1 - 5 people. $5 for each additional person.
1 and a half hours  swale  water  education  $60.00
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Day trip to the 'farm'

Day trip to the 'farm'

Come to Blockhill for the day! Bring a picnic and your gumboots. Explore our young food forest, meet the Kune Kune pigs, free-range chooks, and Muscovy ducks. A great place to enjoy the country with the birds and bees.
Suitable for groups of 1 - 8 people.

Adults $10 - Children $5 - (Children under 5 yrs - free)

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Introduction to forest gardening

Visual presentation and lecture covering the main concepts of forest gardening followed by a tour of our established organic forest garden. You will learn more about:
  • Mixed and companion planted polycultures
  • Edible foodscapes including food forest, forest gardening and guilds
  • Plant succession
  • Beneficial insects
  • Working with chooks and ducks
  • Hand tools
Suitable for 1 - 5 people. $5 for each additional person.
1 and a half hours  food forest  education  gardening  permaculture  $60.00
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Learn to graft fruit trees

Grow your knowledge of fruit tree cloning through the ancient art of grafting. Learn by seeing and doing with hands on examples and one on one tuition and explanation. We will cover:
  • Collecting and storing grafting (scion) wood from desired trees
  • Understanding and propagating rootstocks
  • Grafting tools and techniques
  • View many examples of grafted trees of various types, complexity and age
1 and a half hours  July   August   September     grafting  education  trees  propagation 

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