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Since 2009 we have been practising natural living. Our actions and activities focus on establishing and refining a low impact, enjoyable and meaningful existence that works in harmony with natural systems.

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Want to learn more or see things up close and personal? Come visit, relax, learn and enjoy.

We offer a number of different options for people looking to visit, stay, learn and work.

Participate and learn

Participate and learn

Since 2012 we have been sharing our knowledge, produce and lifestyle with motivated volunteers.

If you'd like to come and stay and help out with our day-to-day activities, we happily exchange some of your time and efforts throughout the day for education, inspiration and comfortable accommodation surrounded by the permaculture food forest garden.

Natural living

Seeking a better way to inhabit the earth

Living on contour - working with water flow

Living on contour - working with water flow

Water is the essence of life and as such we need to be thinking about how to make best use of what we have. The most important work we do is to implement solutions for capturing, storing, diverting and infiltrating rainwater and runoff. This helps build soil, nourish crops, prevent erosion, minimise drought and reduce or eliminate irrigation needs.
Learn about the art of land shaping for natural rainfall catchment, a practical guide to water harvesting and management.
Make the most of the water available, direct surplus water away from wet areas towards dry areas.
Use swales and terraces to halt the flow of water and nutrient off the land and allow it infiltrate and hydrate the soil.
August 21, 2014
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