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Collecting and storing seeds for planting in the seasons ahead is an essential component of gardening.
I have a reasonable assortment of purchased, traded and gathered seeds that was in dire need of a tidy up.
September 19, 2010  Seeds  Seed Saving 


Colour  YellowPropigation method  Sow directLatin name  Helianthus annuusDetails  This easy to grow plant will produce a single large yellow flower 1 to 2 meters above the ground.
  • Plant climbing beans amongst the sunflowers when they are a meter high, the beans will climb the stem
  • The seeds ripen in April and can be fed directly to chickens or left for birds
  • Can get blown over by strong wind
Edible  Seeds / nuts / tubers  Tags    annual  flower  bees  seeds  Price  $3.9030 seeds