My Homemade Seed Box

Seed boxI have been collecting my own seeds as well as trading, sharing and purchasing for a number of years. As a result the assortment of jars, envelopes and containers was quite a shambles. During a spell of recent bad weather I decided to turn some scraps of wood into a dedicated seed containment box.

I really like the emptied spice jars as they pack tightly into a small space, allow for easy visibility of their contents and are a free byproduct of my wifes great cooking! My box design centered around the height of these jars to ensure that I would be able to stack 2 layers nice and neatly.

The jars come in 2 different sizes which are slightly different heights (don't ask me why). By designing for the height of the narrow, slightly taller ones and taking into account the height of the floor of the tray I have a double layer box with easy access for good sorting and storage.


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