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Fertilised Silkie Eggs

Details   Silkies are the sweetest, fluffiest chickens and make fantastic pets. They have a docile nature and if handled from a young age make excellent 'lap chickens'. They require all the same care as regular chickens, but because they have special fluffy feathers that look like fur, they need a dry place to keep out of the rain. Their feathers can become saturated with water quite quickly. Once their feathers get too wet they can get chilled and this could lead to health problems. So it is important they have shelter from wet weather.

We do not always have eggs available but please contact us to check on availability. Eggs are not posted due to risk of damage during shipping. Eggs can be picked up directly from Blockhill. The fertilised eggs are from Mottle Silkie hens and a White Bearded Silkie rooster. Babies usually have a mix of black and white feathers. We also occasionally have unsexed silkie babies to go to good homes.

If you would like to come meet our Silkie friends, or if you would like to buy some fertilised eggs then please get in touch by filling out the form below, or email
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Price   $15.00  per half dozen


As long as local governments levy land taxes (rates) we will require at least some official money. We wanted our land to fund these charges without resorting to selling produce which ultimately depletes the underlying vitality of the system unless equivalent material is imported to offset the losses.

Over the years we have worked a number of low impact income streams including tourism and accommodation, education and consultancy and plants and seed sales.