Natural forest gardens - consultation, design, implementation

Helping you achieve food security with beautiful edible landscapes

Nourishment for all seasons

Nourishment for all seasons

Do you dream of harvesting your own fresh fruit, berries and vegetables?

I design 'pick any time' forage gardens by including an assortment of location appropriate shrubs, vines and trees that create lush, beautiful landscapes that feed you and your family while providing wildlife habitat and an attractive environment.

Low cost healthy fresh food just out your back door, fantastic!
Greetings from Olmec, the man behind the magic...

Greetings from Olmec, the man behind the magic...

Details  I have spent much of my life living and growing, immersed in the rural North Canterbury environment. During this time I have observed and studied natural systems, plant communities and interactions.

My approach to landscape and garden design is based on the power and potential for abundance found all around us.

Let me show you how...
Smart gardens based on natural principals

Smart gardens based on natural principals

Through careful plant selection and assembly you can have a highly productive garden that takes care of itself while feeding you, improving your immediate surroundings and boosting biodiversity.
Conscious design choices make a huge difference to the water requirements of a garden.
  • Working with gravity and contour to capture and distribute rain water
  • Grey water recycling and reuse
  • Drought proofing landscapes using simple, low-tech solutions
  • Run-off and erosion prevention
Increase land value, productivity, resilience and biodiversity.
Multi grafted fruit trees - Combine your favourite varieties on a single tree

Multi grafted fruit trees - Combine your favourite varieties on a single tree

Imagine a single tree with apples of many flavours, ripening from March to June, or combining apricots, plums and peaches.

A great way to save space and spread the yield over a longer harvest time.

While there is no limit to the number of different cultivars that can be supported from a single root system there are several considerations or complications that arise:
  • Differing growth rates can result in one type becoming overly dominant
  • Each additional variety increases the complexity of pruning
If you'd like extra flavours added to your existing fruit trees you can teach yourself to graft or talk to us and we may be able to help.

Your situation and objectives are unique

So, how does it work?

Creating a personal eden takes time and vision and should be designed around the distinct characteristics of your site

Understanding your location and goals

Understanding your location and goals

  • Initial remote landscape evaluation based on satellite imagery, digital mapping and local climate data
  • Phone conversation to discuss and outline objectives, time line and budget
  • Organise a site visit to assess existing plantings and observe local conditions (wind, sun, soil etc.)
  • Determine available resources and assets such as water flows, mulch material, nutrient sources, shelter, buildings, machinery
Mapping, design and layout

Mapping, design and layout

  • Produce a digital site plan detailing the placement of the new foundation elements such as land shaping, irrigation, shelter and fencing
  • Mapping of existing infrastructure and site features
  • Plant species selection, quantities and placement
Implementation - From dream to reality

Implementation - From dream to reality

  • Site preparation and layout
  • Installation of any fixed infrastructure
  • Adding plants and seeds
Depending on project complexity and agreed timeline, this may be carried out in several stages
Ongoing and future maintenance, improvement and support

Ongoing and future maintenance, improvement and support

Living landscapes change over time and require ongoing attention and assessment.
  • Managing and assisting the progression of the ecosystem with pruning and shaping
  • Adding new fruit varieties to existing trees with grafting

Learn about foodscaping / food forest gardening

Develop an understanding of how to design and implement your own food forest garden with a one on one guided tour and discussion session.
  • Explore the extensive, established forest garden at blockhill
  • Learn identify, develop and exploit niches to grow a wider range of useful plants
  • Discuss mixed and companion planted polycultures and guilds
  • Understand plant succession for ecosystem transition and transformation
  • Witness beneficial insects and extreme biodiversity
  • Meet the chooks, ducks and pigs and see how they fit into the system
  • Overview of useful hand tools
  • Digital presentation / slideshow in bad weather
2 hours