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Perennial Brassica from the forest garden

Perennial Brassica from the forest garden

Details  Having freed ourselves of the expectation of eating vegetables that resemble the unnatural size and uniformity of those found in the supermarket we have reduced our efforts and disappointments in the garden. Perennial brassica are one way that we produce more food with less work. Foraged fresh from the surrounding landscape, these baby broccoli heads (flowers) are tasty and tender.
Date  September 03, 2019
Tags    2019  September  Perennial  Vegetable 

Terracing and trees

Details  8 years on - Adding terraces to steep slopes reduces runoff keeping valuable water of site longer while also improving access for planting, maintenance and harvest. Trees can be more densely planted, stacked and over hanging one another for maximum productivity. This natural sun trap is the ideal location for a solar powered clothes dryer and a wonderful micro climate with excellent cold air drainage.
Tags    2017  Progress  September 
Natural woven flax weed mat

Natural woven flax weed mat

Details  Here's a simple technique for reducing weeds in a small garden. Biodegradable woven flax mats with seeds or small plants added in the gaps.
Date  September 11, 2018
Tags    2018  September 
Making a wetland in a stony hole

Making a wetland in a stony hole

Details  Attempting to modify water holding capabilities of this stony soil by introducing water loving, wetland plants while actively removing the rocks and gravel. Pulsing diverted run off water and pigs through this muddy hole is slowly shifting the conditions and creating a new assortment of niches. Amplify the diversity!
Date  September 11, 2018
Tags    2018  September  Water  Pond 

SCES heritage apple scion grafting 2017

September 28, 2017
All grafted to mature fuji behind the house
1 x Biesterfielder Renette
1 x Black Prince
1 x Blenheim Orange
1 x Claygate Pearmain
1 x Cowies triangle
1 x Devonshire Quarrandon
1 x Early Julian
2 x Golden Hornet
1 x Grenedier
1 x Lady Sudeley
1 x Laxtons Fortune
1 x Ralls Janet (failed)
1 x Red Gravenstein
1 x Ribston Pippin
1 x Rokewood
1 x Sturmer Pippin
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