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Grafting stored Almond (All in One)

August 27, 2018
Scions collected July 14 from All in One
Grafted August 27 to various seedling and one mona vale of various ages.
  almond  graft  august  2018 
Round wood timber construction

Round wood timber construction

Details  A newly created 'roof' for grapes to climb and better weather protection for the firewood shed.
Date  March 13, 2018
Tags    2018 
Hugelkultur gardens in summer

Hugelkultur gardens in summer

Details  Every year, since their construction, our hugelkultur raised woody garden beds have been improving in performance. While waiting for the perennial plantings to establish we have been gardening with seasonal crops including maize, pumpkins, tomatoes, salad, cucumbers and of course lots of beans. Modest additions of straw mulch, trenched in pig manure, compost tea and all plant residues are contributing to the overall fertility of the beds and on occasion where I have exposed the wooden core while digging it is clearly breaking down into a crumbly organic 'compost'.
Date  February 18, 2018
Tags    garden  hugelkultur  2018  summer 

Run off swale for pigs and ducks

Details  6 years on - Basic land shaping to capture roof water from a nearby shed provides nutrient rich passive irrigation for food forest down slope while also creating enjoyable habitat for resident ducks and pigs. Plantings include water loving natives that offer wind and frost protection to climbing vines and citrus.
Tags    2018  February  Progress 

Monday 30 April 2018

April 30, 2018
Plant 6 chestnut seed sourced from Mendip road into raised bed in grey shed
Plant out sage and rosemary from pots onto terrace
Cuttings from Elaeagnus (x ebbingei and pungens) into water with willow and into glasshouse shelf
Plant billberry seeds into tray with coffee grinds
Stewed quince (from neighbours), pear and apple mix
  April  2018 
Summer gardening

Summer gardening

Details  It's been another exceptionally dry summer but things are holding on. Our land shaping captures and retains moisture and the mixed planting reduces competition while maximizing shade and surface area.
Date  January 04, 2018
Tags    2018  January 

Direct graft nectarine

July 26, 2018
3 x scions from goldmine direct grafted onto seedling peach at 2 locations - west end of log mound 4 and in front of container house
  graft  nectarine  july  2018 
Natural woven flax weed mat

Natural woven flax weed mat

Details  Here's a simple technique for reducing weeds in a small garden. Biodegradable woven flax mats with seeds or small plants added in the gaps.
Date  September 11, 2018
Tags    2018  September 
Monarch butterflies enjoying blossoms in the forest garden

Monarch butterflies enjoying blossoms in the forest garden

Details  We've had plenty of nice, sunny warm weather and the monarch and red admiral butterflies are getting into the stone fruit blossom, brassica flowers and tagasaste nectar.
Date  September 11, 2018
Tags    2018  insects  blossom 
Making a wetland in a stony hole

Making a wetland in a stony hole

Details  Attempting to modify water holding capabilities of this stony soil by introducing water loving, wetland plants while actively removing the rocks and gravel. Pulsing diverted run off water and pigs through this muddy hole is slowly shifting the conditions and creating a new assortment of niches. Amplify the diversity!
Date  September 11, 2018
Tags    2018  September  Water  Pond 
Date  December 23, 2018
Details  Zone 4 conversion / improvement - Moving plastic sheeting that had been in place for several months
Tags    2018  December  Progress  Zone 4