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Forest garden bounty

Forest garden bounty

Details  A nice assortment of root veges foraged from the forest garden while weeding. Includes parsnip, carrot, radish and potato. These make a great roast.
Date  July 17, 2017
Tags    food  veges  forest garden  july 
Baking apples with waste heat

Baking apples with waste heat

Details  With the recent installation of the chimney oven we have been looking for things to bake and roast. The last of the granny smith apples chopped, drizzled with honey, a scattering of frozen blackberries and a splash of water. Fantastic.
Date  July 20, 2017
Tags    apple  july  winter  baking 

Direct graft nectarine

July 26, 2018
3 x scions from goldmine direct grafted onto seedling peach at 2 locations - west end of log mound 4 and in front of container house
  graft  nectarine  july  2018