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Grafting stored Almond (All in One)

August 27, 2018Scions collected July 14 from All in One
Grafted August 27 to various seedling and one mona vale of various ages.
  almond  graft  august  2018 


August 08, 2017Grafted direct 1 plum rescued from last years damaged grafting. Also stored plum scion wood for the following cultivars:
  • Elephant heart
  • Black Doris
  • Damson
  • Satsuma
Grafted direct apple scions including 1 from previous winters grafting rescued from pig damage. Also late red crab from Iona
  Graft  Apple  Plum  2017 

Plum - Black Doris

Details  Japanese plum of medium size, with purple black skin and dark red sweet, juicy flesh. Ripening mid to late season.Price  $3.00200mm lengthPrice for 4 or more  $2.50200mm length if you buy 4 or more Tags    plum  scion  grafting 
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Direct graft nectarine

July 26, 20183 x scions from goldmine direct grafted onto seedling peach at 2 locations - west end of log mound 4 and in front of container house  graft  nectarine  july  2018 

Apple - Fuji

Latin name  MalusPrice  $3.00200mm lengthPrice for 4 or more  $2.50200mm length if you buy 4 or more Tags    apple  scion  graft 
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SCES heritage apple scion grafting 2017

September 28, 2017All grafted to mature fuji behind the house
1 x Biesterfielder Renette
1 x Black Prince
1 x Blenheim Orange
1 x Claygate Pearmain
1 x Cowies triangle
1 x Devonshire Quarrandon
1 x Early Julian
2 x Golden Hornet
1 x Grenedier
1 x Lady Sudeley
1 x Laxtons Fortune
1 x Ralls Janet (failed)
1 x Red Gravenstein
1 x Ribston Pippin
1 x Rokewood
1 x Sturmer Pippin
  graft  apple  september  2017 
Learn to graft fruit trees

Learn to graft fruit trees

Grow your knowledge of fruit tree cloning through the ancient art of grafting. Learn by seeing and doing with hands on examples and one on one tuition and explanation. We will cover:
  • Collecting and storing grafting (scion) wood from desired trees
  • Understanding and propagating rootstocks
  • Grafting tools and techniques
  • View many examples of grafted trees of various types, complexity and age
2 hours  July   August   September     grafting  education  trees  propagation  $80.00