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Apricot Seedling - Jumbo

Apricot Seedling - Jumbo

Harvest    January   February  
Details  Healthy seedling tree of unknown parentage that produces very large flattish freestone fruit ripening in January. Blossoms late August to early September. First fruiting 2017 (7 years old).
Date  June 01, 2010
Tags    apricot  seedling 
More Trees

More Trees

This weekend I planted a number of crop trees. For the most part it was seedling walnuts collected from under my grandmothers tree but also included 5 grafted fruit trees I purchased.

2 x apricot
2 x nectarine
1 x almond
July 25, 2010
The bees and the bees

The bees and the bees

With the invasion of the varroa bee mite there has been a reduction in the number of nearby hives (both wild and domestic).

I was surprised and relieved to witness a large number of bumble and honey bees servicing the apricot tree.

This photos shows one of the more wild bees. Notice the dark colouring, where 'normal' bees are orange an black striped.
September 05, 2011