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Oaks from acorns

Oaks from acorns

Growing oaks from seed using locally collected acorns.
This is a low cost approach to establishing a wood lot from seed. By mowing the thick grass and then scattering the hundreds of acorns and covering with grass mulch.
May 13, 2010
  oak  acorn  seedlings  timber 
Apricot Seedling - Jumbo

Apricot Seedling - Jumbo

Harvest     January   February  
Details   Healthy seedling tree of unknown parentage that produces very large flattish freestone fruit ripening in January. Blossoms late August to early September. First fruiting 2017 (7 years old).
Date   June 01, 2010
Tags     apricot  seedling 
Planting shelves

Planting shelves

I grow a lot of plants and trees from seeds. One space saving way that I have come up with is to use the vertical wall space at the back of the house where my nursery is located. Adding these metal 'gutters' as plant growing shelves has given plenty more growing area situated at perfect working height.
March 23, 2019