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Oaks from acorns

Oaks from acorns

Growing oaks from seed using locally collected acorns.
This is a low cost approach to establishing a wood lot from seed. By mowing the thick grass and then scattering the hundreds of acorns and covering with grass mulch.
May 13, 2010
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Italian Alder

Common name  Italian Alder
Botanical name  Alnus Cordata
Details  Fast, deep-rooted, nitrogen-fixing tree.  Moderate drought tolerance.  Trims well, excellent shelter for native under-story. Popular for horticultural shelterbelts and soil conservation on hill country. Roots penetrate deeply and so do not spread sideways into valuable crops.
Deciduous. Holds leaves from September to June.  Cold hardy after first season.
Space at 1.5-4m centres for shelter.
Family  Betulaceae
Date  July 06, 2010
Height (m)  25
Drought tolerance  
Nitrogen fixer  
Shade / Sun  Full sun
Wind tolerance  Moderate