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Ride on mower - fossil fuel extravagance

Ride on mower - fossil fuel extravagance

Having no grazing animals leaves us with an abundance of tall grass that is beginning to get out of control in the places where I have not attacked it with the scythe.
Bring on the old mower I 'inherited' from my father. Time will tell if it's a useful tool or a lemon...
December 04, 2010
  grass  mowing  fuel  energy 

Italian Alder

Common name  Italian Alder
Botanical name  Alnus Cordata
Details  Fast, deep-rooted, nitrogen-fixing tree.  Moderate drought tolerance.  Trims well, excellent shelter for native under-story. Popular for horticultural shelterbelts and soil conservation on hill country. Roots penetrate deeply and so do not spread sideways into valuable crops.
Deciduous. Holds leaves from September to June.  Cold hardy after first season.
Space at 1.5-4m centres for shelter.
Family  Betulaceae
Date  July 06, 2010
Height (m)  25
Drought tolerance  
Nitrogen fixer  
Shade / Sun  Full sun
Wind tolerance  Moderate