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Oaks from acorns

Oaks from acorns

Growing oaks from seed using locally collected acorns.
This is a low cost approach to establishing a wood lot from seed. By mowing the thick grass and then scattering the hundreds of acorns and covering with grass mulch.
May 13, 2010
  oak  acorn  seedlings  timber 
Horse Chestnut Seedlings

Horse Chestnut Seedlings

The horse chestnuts I gathered from the local domain are popping up through the grass. I scattered a large number of seed in an area of the paddock then mowed the grass down over top in the hope of both reducing the competition and creating a layer of mulch.
Several sprouted and grew for a couple of years, struggling in the exposed, windy, dry conditions. In hindsight, it wasn't surprising but also for the best, since a horse chestnut tree is not the most practical.
September 20, 2010