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Babaco cutting

Babaco cutting

Details  Propagate and grow your own babaco plants quick and easy with stem cuttings. Simply place the cutting 1 third into the soil (right way up) and keep damp in a sunny sheltered warm location. High success rate and should produce fruit in 12 - 18 months.Tags    subtropical  fruit  cuttings  propagation  Price  $2.9015cm stem cutting
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Learn to graft fruit trees

Learn to graft fruit trees

Grow your knowledge of fruit tree cloning through the ancient art of grafting. Learn by seeing and doing with hands on examples and one on one tuition and explanation. We will cover:
  • Collecting and storing grafting (scion) wood from desired trees
  • Understanding and propagating rootstocks
  • Grafting tools and techniques
  • View many examples of grafted trees of various types, complexity and age
2 hours  July   August   September     grafting  education  trees  propagation  $80.00