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Elaeagnus x ebbingei

Elaeagnus x ebbingei

Botanical name  Elaeagnus x ebbingei
Details  Fast-growing, wind, cold & salt tolerant. Dense evergreen dark-green shrub with glossy leaves.
Highly-scented white flowers in autumn followed by orange-red edible fruit mid spring (Early October at blockhill).
Fruiting after 4 years
Nitrogen fixer.
Family  Elaeagnaceae
Flowers  White
Diameter  5.00
Height (m)  5
Drought tolerance  
Fruit / berries  
Nitrogen fixer  
Shade / Sun  Full shade to full sun
Soil type  Most
Wind tolerance  Maritime exposure
Tags    berries  spring 
Chooks are laying again!

Chooks are laying again!

We were beginning to question the commitment of our chooks (and the manhood of our rooster) as the winter egg famine failed to break.

I spent numerous evenings digging the ground to expose worms, collecting sea shells for grit and finally they are away.
August 29, 2010
  Laying  eggs  spring  chooks 
Snow in October

Snow in October

After a week of damp and cloudy, the weather reached a wintry climax with flurries of snow and a good dumping up on the hills. The ground was wet and boggy for a few days and the streams gushed noisily.
October 09, 2009
  snow  spring 
Spring in the 'forest'

Spring in the 'forest'

Spring is here again and this almond is putting on a show. Planted just 3 years ago, this is the second year it has produced a crop. Looking forward to it. Also in the photo is Dmitry the muscovy.
August 27, 2013

9 years anniversary

Details  Our yearly ritual of dressing in aged wedding attire and making a photo shoot to mark the passing of time. This year we had the assistance of intern, Zach, behind the camera to make things more creative.
Date  November 01, 2017
Tags    anniversary  wedding  spring  2017 
little chickens

little chickens

The little bantams have arrived. There are 15 in total: 7 from one mother and 8 from the other. We have put both groups in the same chookhouse. So they have gotten all mixed together and it seems there is a favourite mother. She has 11 at the moment, and the other only has 4. I suppose they will keep swapping and sharing babies.
October 13, 2010
  Chickens  Video  Spring 
Tomatoes in September

Tomatoes in September

Details  Ok, so it's only one tomato right now but there are more coming. One of the many end of season tomatoes that was composted into the glasshouse beds during construction is off to a fine start.
Date  September 02, 2013
Tags    tomato  spring  glasshouse 

Spring plant propagation

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  • Oregano
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