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Star tetrahedron rising in Kaikoura

Star tetrahedron rising in Kaikoura

Details  Constructed from recycled 10mm steel rod as a gift for my mother-in-law.
Date  December 04, 2017
Tags    art  sculpture  kaikoura  tetrahedron  2017 

9 years anniversary

Details  Our yearly ritual of dressing in aged wedding attire and making a photo shoot to mark the passing of time. This year we had the assistance of intern, Zach, behind the camera to make things more creative.
Date  November 01, 2017
Tags    anniversary  wedding  spring  2017 


August 08, 2017
Grafted direct 1 plum rescued from last years damaged grafting. Also stored plum scion wood for the following cultivars:
  • Elephant heart
  • Black Doris
  • Damson
  • Satsuma
Grafted direct apple scions including 1 from previous winters grafting rescued from pig damage. Also late red crab from Iona
  Graft  Apple  Plum  2017 

Terracing and trees

Details  8 years on - Adding terraces to steep slopes reduces runoff keeping valuable water of site longer while also improving access for planting, maintenance and harvest. Trees can be more densely planted, stacked and over hanging one another for maximum productivity. This natural sun trap is the ideal location for a solar powered clothes dryer and a wonderful micro climate with excellent cold air drainage.
Tags    2017  Progress  September 

Sprawling forest garden in the making

Details  6 years on - Working from an open expanse of grass we are well on the way to a productive forest garden filled with interesting, edible and useful plants. The challenge here was getting wind shelter established, this has reduced moisture loss while contributing valuable biomass and soil improvement, shade and habitat for birds and insects.
Tags    2017  October  Progress 
Diversity is key

Diversity is key

Details  This wild and and colourful 'garden' is packed with edible and beneficial plants, a completely different ecosystem from the boring grass monoculture that preceded it. Fruit and nut trees mix with annual crops arranged along raised log planting mounds that provide valuable water storage and nutrients.
Tags    2017  October 
Early October

Early October

Details  We've been working flat out with our Intern, Zac, and so it's been a while since our last horn tooting photo update. So here it is, bellbirds, blossoms, native nitrogen fixers and food forest progress. Enjoy and then get out there and invite nature into your bit of the world.
Date  October 06, 2017
Tags    2017  October 

SCES heritage apple scion grafting 2017

September 28, 2017
All grafted to mature fuji behind the house
1 x Biesterfielder Renette
1 x Black Prince
1 x Blenheim Orange
1 x Claygate Pearmain
1 x Cowies triangle
1 x Devonshire Quarrandon
1 x Early Julian
2 x Golden Hornet
1 x Grenedier
1 x Lady Sudeley
1 x Laxtons Fortune
1 x Ralls Janet (failed)
1 x Red Gravenstein
1 x Ribston Pippin
1 x Rokewood
1 x Sturmer Pippin
  graft  apple  september  2017 


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