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Run off swale for pigs and ducks

Details  6 years on - Basic land shaping to capture roof water from a nearby shed provides nutrient rich passive irrigation for food forest down slope while also creating enjoyable habitat for resident ducks and pigs. Plantings include water loving natives that offer wind and frost protection to climbing vines and citrus.
Tags    2018  February  Progress 
February 2017

February 2017

Details  Ah summer, so hot and dry... Well it has been a good year for fruit, considering the ongoing drought. I spend a lot of time moving hoses around, delivering precious water to young trees, tending vegetables and propagating new plants from seed and cuttings. Several 'construction' projects are under way including an 'upgrade' to roof water distribution and shipping container bunk house. More about these in due course.
Date  February 28, 2017
Tags    Summer  February