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Beneficial insects

Beneficial insects

Insects play an import role in the health of our gardens and the wider ecosystem. By creating a conducive environment we can encourage the tiny helpers to hang around. Insects prey on others, pollinate plants, are food for birds and generally add to the richness, complexity and diversity of a healthy ecosystem.
Bee swarm

Bee swarm

It started with a few bees buzzing around the corner of the house and quickly turned into several thousand.
Hoping to prevent their entry into the roof cavity I blocked up the small hole they had discovered and tried to forget about it. They wouldn't give up.
November 19, 2010
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Botanical name  Foeniculum vulgare
Details  Super easy to grow requiring no care or attention. Grown as part of our food forest conversion process for transitioning from grass.
  • Produces a lot of biomass in a season.
  • Deep root system for soil stabilisation and building via organic mater injection.
  • Flowers loved by beneficial insects.
  • Seeds harden in autumn and can be used for tea or left to feed the birds and self seed.
Seeds / nuts / tubers  
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Price  $3.90  30-50 seeds
Monarch butterflies enjoying blossoms in the forest garden

Monarch butterflies enjoying blossoms in the forest garden

Details  We've had plenty of nice, sunny warm weather and the monarch and red admiral butterflies are getting into the stone fruit blossom, brassica flowers and tagasaste nectar.
Date  September 11, 2018
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