Cutting the grass with electrons

I reported some time ago on our acquisition of a human powered lawn mower.

Electric lawn mowerNow I have to confess that we have forsaken the old push mower for an equally old electric mower.
My justification being that using the manual push mower required more frequent lawn mowing to keep grass at a height the mower could handle. The new and improved machine can cut longer grass meaning less time 'wasted' cutting grass.

This mower was selected because of its rugged style and the fact that it is battery powered rather than using a long power lead (just asking to be cut). The great thing is that this battery can be charged from any number of sources such as solar, wind or water (none of which I have tapped yet) or from my inverter that I use with the electric chainsaw set up. At present I recharge the battery from our mains connection which is supplied in turn by Meridian Energy, who use wind turbines.

Another feature is the catcher, such a simple thing but it provides us with an additional component for compost and mulching.

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