Gardening update

Our primary garden is full with seedlings in different stages with a few even producing edible addition to our daily diet such as radish, peas, broccoli and lettuce.

Here we can see beans and lettuce in the foreground with a huge seeding radish, chives and some kind of brassica (possibly broccoli). See if you can spot the elusive coloured silverbeet (red and yellow)
Tiny beetroots, carrots, seeding lettuce and the corn in the background.

Sweet corn in the 'glass house' is growing like crazy. This is newly broken ground with an application of seaweed and pea straw with a bit of wood ash to keep the slugs away when things were germinating.

Tomatoes in the corners and climbing beans at the base of some of the corn. Oh and barely visible in centre is a small rock melon plant.

The secondary or newer garden was set up with the intention of using it for lower maintenance staple crops as it is further from the house. Here we have lots of potatoes, tomatoes, zuccini, a patch of corn to the right and an area of beans in the bottom center of the picture.

This season the front garden is mainly ornamental stuff with a few herbs, some salad mix, strawberries, tomatoes and some of the black peppers that did so well here last year.

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