Apple - Boskoop scion / bud wood

Apple - Boskoop scion / bud wood
Details   Heritage variety introduced in the 1850s in the Netherlands. Large fruit suitable for cooking or eating fresh.
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The "Bell de Boskoop" apple, commonly known as "Boskoop" or "Goudreinet," is a popular apple variety originating from the Netherlands. It is highly regarded for its unique flavour and culinary uses.

Appearance: The Bell de Boskoop apple has a distinctive appearance with a rough, russeted skin. The skin colour is typically green with reddish-orange blushes or stripes.

Texture: The flesh of the Boskoop apple is firm and coarse, making it ideal for cooking and baking. Its texture holds up well during cooking processes, and it retains its shape nicely.

Taste: The flavour of the Bell de Boskoop apple is tart and tangy, offering a delightful balance between sweetness and acidity. The high acidity levels make it an excellent apple for culinary purposes, especially for creating pies, tarts, sauces, and apple-based desserts.

Uses: Due to its robust flavour and texture, the Bell de Boskoop apple is primarily considered a cooking apple rather than a fresh eating apple. It is highly prized among bakers and chefs for its ability to hold its shape and develop a rich, complex flavour when cooked or baked.

Harvest Season: The typical harvest season for Bell de Boskoop apples is during the autumn months, making it a seasonal favourite for various fall recipes.

Cultivation: This apple variety is well-suited for cooler climates, and it thrives in temperate regions. It can be found in apple orchards and farmer's markets in regions where apple cultivation is prevalent.



Botanical name   Malus domestica
Family   Rosaceae
Fruit / berries  
Shade / Sun   Full sun - part shade