Apple - Braeburn scion / bud wood

Apple - Braeburn scion / bud wood
Details   The Braeburn apple is a popular and well-known variety of apple known for its unique flavour profile and attractive appearance. It is believed to have originated in New Zealand in the early 1950s as a chance seedling. Since then, it has gained popularity and is now grown in various apple-producing regions around the world.
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Key characteristics of the Braeburn apple:
  1. Appearance: The Braeburn apple is medium to large in size and has a distinctive appearance. Its skin is typically a vibrant combination of red, orange, and green hues, often with a reddish blush over a yellow-green background. The skin may also display slight russeting (brownish rough patches) around the stem.
  2. Flavour: One of the defining features of the Braeburn apple is its exceptional balance of sweet and tart flavours. It is known for its juicy and crisp texture, providing a satisfying crunch with every bite. The taste can vary depending on the maturity of the apple; younger Braeburns tend to have a sharper, tangier flavour, while fully matured ones offer a more complex sweetness.
  3. Aroma: When you bring a Braeburn apple close to your nose, you'll likely notice a fragrant and aromatic scent. This aroma is often described as a blend of sweet and spicy notes.
  4. Storage: Braeburn apples have good storage capabilities and can stay fresh for several months when properly stored in cool and dry conditions. This makes them a popular choice for consumers looking for apples with a longer shelf life.
  5. Versatility: Braeburn apples are well-suited for various culinary uses. They are delicious when eaten fresh, sliced into salads, or used in baking, as they retain their shape and flavour during cooking.
  6. Harvest Season: The typical harvest season for Braeburn apples varies depending on the location and climate, but they are generally available from late autumn through early spring.
Overall, the Braeburn apple's unique combination of sweet and tart flavours, attractive appearance, and versatility in culinary applications has made it a favourite among apple enthusiasts and consumers worldwide.

Braeburn - Apple

Details   This New Zealand apple is now one the world's top commercial selections. It has delicious, crisp, juicy flesh and superb sweet-tart flavour with a noticeably aromatic aftertaste. Excellent keeper. Late season. Requires 700 chilling hours to set fruit. Spur bearing.
Variety   Braeburn
Colour   Red over green