Colour  Red/Maroon
Common name  Gunnera
Date  July 02, 2013
Details  With little doubt, this must be the most majestic herbaceous plant hardy in the British Isles - like a giant Rhubarb, the leaves can grow to over 6 ft. across and be supported on stout, prickly stalks up to 8 ft. long. Although the individual reddish flowers are minute, they are borne in their countless thousands in club-shaped spikes, which can themselves be 6 ft. or so tall. They are particularly happy in moist ground. Labour-saving - half a dozen of these in your garden and you wouldn't have to lift a finger for most of the year! Hardy throughout the British Isles. 10 ft.
Family  Haloragidaceae
Botanical name  Gunnera manicata