Multiple benefits of trees

There are many species of trees the offer some, if not all, of the following benefits. It's rather surprising that, generally, people aren't more enthusiastic about planting trees. There are a number of obvious benefits:

  • Human food and animal fodder
  • Physical barrier
    • Shelter (wind and rain)
    • Shade
    • Living fences
  • Moisture
    • Raise humidity
    • Huge surface area captures mist and dew
    • Roots lift water towards the surface and improve soils ability to absorb water
  • Soil building and improvement
    • Leaf litter and pruning improves soil organic matter
    • Nitrogen (select species)
    • Concentrations of manure from shade seeking animals and birds
  • Soil stabilisation and erosion control
  • Aesthetics (colourful leaves, flowers etc.)
  • Cornerstone for biodiversity (habitat for insects, bees, birds...)
  • Wood for fuel and construction
  • Perennial (plant once)


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