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Common name  wattle, mimosa
Family  Fabaceae
Details  A large genus of fast growing, evergreen, nitrogen fixing plants ranging in size from shrubs to canopy trees.
Main uses include firewood, timber, shelter and support
Flowers  Yellow
Nitrogen fixer  


Silver wattle

Common name  Silver wattle
Botanical name  Acacia Dealbata
Family  Fabaceae
Details  Fast growing, coppices readily, good firewood. Can sucker from root disturbed / damaged roots.
Diameter  1.00
Date  July 01, 2010
Height (m)  25
Drought tolerance  
Nitrogen fixer  
Shade / Sun  Full sun
Soil type  Dry
Wind tolerance  High
Trees for animal fodder

Trees for animal fodder

By now it should be obvious that we need more trees in our landscapes, however inconvenient that may seem. The benefits are numerous. Using trees for supplementary animal feed is a smart strategy in drought prone areas. This includes:
  • Fresh leaves / foliage
  • Fruits and berries
  • Nuts and seeds
Once established, trees are long lived with a deep root system capable of funding moisture in dry times. Large volumes of edible material can be produced, along with all the other benefits provided by appropriate species of trees.
September 04, 2018
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