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French Sorrel

French Sorrel

Botanical name  Rumex scutatus
Common name  French sorrel, buckler sorrel, shield-leaf sorrel
Details  As a culinary herb, it is used mainly in salads. The flavour of French sorrel is slightly bitter or tangy, spiced with a hint of lemon; the sharp flavour is due to oxalic acid.[4] French sorrel is hardy in most regions, tolerating frost, full sun and short dry spells.[5] It grows quickly to a clump up to 1 metre in diameter, with long leaves up to 10 centimetres in width.
Diameter  1.00


Winter plant propagation by division

June 30, 2020
Clone or duplicate plants by dividing. May also be useful to reinvigorate or restart aging plants.
The exact process will differ for each species but generally involves digging up part or all of the plant, carefully separating or cutting rooted sections before removing most of the leaf surface area and replanting in new locations. Post care includes watering and weeding as required.
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