Additional information for Titoki


Common name  Titoki (Maori), New Zealand oak
Botanical name  Alectryon excelsus
Family  Sapindaceae
Details  A shiny-leaved tree native to New Zealand, where it occurs in coastal and lowland forests. It is found throughout most of the North Island and from Banks Peninsula to central Westland in the South Island.

The colourful seed is initially contained in a hairy woody capsule which splits revealing bright red and black unpalatable fruit (the black portion being the seed).

Likely to grow anywhere from lowland forest areas and exposed coastal area sites along with sandy plains.[2] In sandy plains, Alectryon excelsus is often paired with Beilschmiedia tawa (tawa).

This tree likes to grow in the places that have a lot of water such as wetlands.[3] Titoki tree gravitates towards moist soil which contains many nutrients for growth along with fertile alluvial and sandy soils.[2] The location characteristics best suited for this tree are as followed: ‘fertile, well-drained soils along riverbanks and associated terraces'.[6] The plant can grow in conditions from semi-shade to full sun.[4]
Flowers  purple small
Diameter  1.00
Height (m)  9
Frost sensitive  
Shade / Sun  Part sun - full shade
Soil type  Free draining