Wildflowers of the British Isles

Common name  Wildflowers of the British Isles
Date  July 04, 2013
Details  Contains annual wild flowers that are now rare or declining in the wild, this is a delightful Special Cornfield Mixture, containing such lovely items as Cornflower, Night-flowering Catchfly, Corn Cockle and, no cornfield would be complete without it, the Common Poppy! It is intended to be used to cover just a small patch in an average English garden. General comment: Germination of any wild flower is often slow and unpredictable and, due to the losses that can be expected from direct outdoor sowings, the best way of achieving a "naturalised" area is to sow individual pots of wild flowers with some suitable protection. After germination and hardening off, the young plants can then be planted in their final positions where they are to flower where they will then hopefully naturalise themselves and encourage other wildlife.
Botanical name  Wild Flower 5 - Cornfield Special Mixture