Gibson the cat

Originally from a suburb in Christchurch, Gibson has become a real farm cat since his move to blockhill. His favourite outdoor activities include going on bush walks, hunting, and tree climbing. He also enjoys his time inside with activities such as eating and sleeping. Gibson likes to be where the action is and often will participate in chores such as gardening and feeding the chooks, though he tends to get distracted and ends up hunting or tree climbing instead. Gibson loves the country life.

I am Cat

I am Cat

I am CAT is narrated by a shamelessly proud feline who is happy to be unique from other animals. The story touches on concepts of self esteem and uses humour to reveal some of the ways in which Cat prefers being himself above all else. With it's simple rhyming text and soft colourful illustrations, the story will appeal to preschool and primary school aged children. The larger size (28cm x 21cm) with the larger font also makes it a great book for early readers.
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Colour illustrations
  • Spine: perfect sewnbound
  • Width: 280mm
  • Height: 210mm
Click the 'view photos' button to see sample images of the story.
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Bird Safety - The clown cat

Bird Safety - The clown cat

Gibson had been catching an unfortunate number of birds over the winter months (as well as mice which we are greatfull for) so something had to be done.

He doesn't seem to mind his bright 'bird safety' collar.
August 04, 2010
  Gibson  birds 
Cat Access

Cat Access

Finally a solution that allows the cat to come and go as he pleases.

> No ugly cat flap in the door
> Out of the weather
> Lots of fun
June 27, 2010
Mouse trappin'

Mouse trappin'

With this year being a mast year for native beech trees there have been an epic number of mice about.
I've lost count of how many we (and the cat) have caught. I have even witnessed the chooks chase down and eat a couple that I disturbed in a grass pile.
May 10, 2010
  Mouse  Mice  Traps  Mast Year 
Wax Eye (Silver eye)

Wax Eye (Silver eye)

These cute little native birds are quite common and love to feed on flowers and fruit around the garden.
Unfortunately Gibson managed to catch this one and so I was able to hold it. Eventually it flew from my hands, I hope it survives.
October 19, 2009
The First Mouse...

The First Mouse...

Little Gibson has caught his first mouse....that we know of....
He brought it up from somewhere down the hill in the bushes. He kept batting it around and then he lost it for a while and turns out he was sitting on it. He must be doing all kinds of hunting because he's hardly touched his dry catfood. It's been in his bowl for about 3 days now and there is still a little left. He's plump as ever though, so I know he's not on a diet.
October 03, 2009
Taking a break from making websites

Taking a break from making websites

Gibson takes a well earned rest from building websites and browsing trademe for cat toys.
This is a common location (and posture) to find him...
October 02, 2009