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Psoralea Pinnata

Psoralea Pinnata

Common name  fountain bush, penwortel, blue broom, Albany broom, African scurf pea, taylorina, blue psoralea, Dally pineLatin name  Psoralea PinnataDetails  Native to South Africa. Looking a little like rosemary.
Flowers October to December extremely attractive to bees.
Flowering is followed by the production of small pods, each of these contain a single dark brown seed.
Establishes in Gumlands, dry shrubland, coastline, estuaries, bush tracks, forest margins, and fernland, especially in warmer areas.
Will even persist under pines and wattles. It would seem that it can successfully compete with established trees in difficult wet areas.
Family  FabaceaeFlowers  blue, white, pale purpleForest layer  low-treeHeight (m)  1.5 - 4Drought tolerance  Evergreen  Nitrogen fixer  Perennial  Shade / Sun  Full sun to part shadeSoil type  Prefers dampWind tolerance  GoodTags    legume  nitrogen  succession  Propigation method  Sow pot / traySource  Kaikoura
Russell Lupin

Russell Lupin

Details  This leafy plant can grow to a meter and a half with its tall colourful spires of flowers. Being a legume, lupins fix nitrogen in the surrounding soil for use by other plants making them a useful as well as attractive addition to the garden or orchard. They are also a nectar source for bumblebees and other insects.Tags    nitrogen  legume  seed  Colour  mixedForest layer  herbaceousLatin name  Lupinus polyphyllusNitrogen fixer  Perennial  Price  $3.9030 seedsPropigation method  Sow direct
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