Land, plant and animal system management

Important ideas and topics for living a resilient life in times of change and crisis

Using nature as a model, coupled with human pattern recognition and forethought to create and nudge interconnected systems toward improved output, lower input.

We are aiming for a low impact, more sustainable way of living and being that draws inspiration from permaculture principals.

Extra long chicken run

Extra long chicken run

The idea behind this chicken run is to provide the inhabitants with a reasonably large area (21 square meters) while being easy to move and providing adequate protection.

Using odds and ends I was able to construct something that looks like it will do the trick. Read more about materials and construction process.
January 30, 2011  chicken run  chicken tractor  fertiliser 
Chicken Prism

Chicken Prism

The latest development in our seemingly endless quest for perfect chicken containment, our version of the chicken tractor.
The chicken prism seems, so far, to be a fairly successful system. Good for converting grass to garden or invigorating existing garden while restricting the roaming and destructive nature of the birds.
April 07, 2012  Chicken tractor  Teepee