Apple - Granny Smith scion / bud wood

Apple - Granny Smith scion / bud wood
Details   The classic late season green apple that ripens to a pale preen-yellow. great for eating fresh or cooked although skins can be a little tough.
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The Granny Smith apple is a popular and distinct variety of apple known for its bright green skin and tart flavour. Here's a description of its physical characteristics and taste:
  1. Appearance: Granny Smith apples are easily recognizable due to their vibrant green skin, which can sometimes have a slight blush of pink or yellow. The skin is thin and smooth, and the shape of the apple is typically round, slightly flattened at the top and bottom.
  2. Size: Granny Smith apples are medium to large in size, and their diameter usually ranges from 7 to 10 centimetres.
  3. Texture: The flesh of Granny Smith apples is crisp and firm, offering a satisfying crunch when you take a bite.
  4. Taste: The most distinctive feature of Granny Smith apples is their tartness. They have a zesty and tangy flavour that sets them apart from many other apple varieties. Some people describe the taste as mildly sour or acidic, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer a less sweet apple.
  5. Culinary Uses: Due to their tartness, Granny Smith apples are often used in cooking and baking. They hold their shape well when cooked, making them ideal for pies, tarts, crisps, and other desserts. Additionally, their crisp texture makes them a popular choice for salads and fresh eating, providing a refreshing and invigorating taste.
  6. Origin: The Granny Smith apple originated in Australia in the mid-1800s. It was discovered by Maria Ann Smith, also known as Granny Smith, who found the seedling growing in her garden in Sydney. Over time, the apple gained popularity and is now widely grown in many apple-producing regions around the world.
  7. Availability: Granny Smith apples are usually available year-round in most grocery stores, making them easily accessible to consumers.
Overall, the Granny Smith apple is cherished for its unique tartness, versatility in cooking and baking, and its attractive green appearance. It remains a favourite choice for those seeking a refreshing and tangy apple experience.

Granny Smith - Apple

Variety   Granny Smith
Details   The fruit has hard, light green skin and a crisp, juicy flesh. Changes from completely green to almost yellow when overripe. The acidity mellows significantly on ripening, and it takes on a balanced flavour. Though also consumed raw, it is one of the most popular cooking apples. A tip-bearing apple cultivar, which originated in Australia in 1868. It is named after Maria Ann Smith, who propagated the cultivar from a chance seedling
Colour   Green