Grow your own babaco plants from stem cuttings

This is a quick, easy, low cost way to grow babaco plants. In fact it may be the only way as they don't seem to produce any seed.

Cuttings can be taken at any time of the year (my plants grown in a large plastic house) and are placed right way up in a suitable growing medium, kept warm and moist and quite soon they will begin to grow new leaves and produce roots. Once the plant is growing well it can be transferred to a permanent location.

In good conditions the plants can start producing many fruit after about 18 months

Things to watch for:

  • Do not over water the young cuttings. Keep damp, not wet
  • Plants are susceptible to wind due to large leaves
  • Frosts can kill even larger trees
  • The don't like heavy, wet clay soil although with adequate drainage should be fine


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Common name  Babaco, Mountain Papaya, Champagne Fruit
Botanical name  Carica x heilbornii
Details  Grown under plastic. Produces large, yellow fruit pentagonal in cross-section. Easily propagated from stem cuttings.
Variety  Pentagona
Flowers  Small white
Diameter  1.00
Height (m)  2
Frost sensitive  
Fruit / berries  
Shade / Sun  Full sun - part shade
Soil type  Rich, free draining
Wind tolerance  Low (large leaves)
Tags    exotic  sub-tropical  fruit