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While cutting wood the other day I uncovered a nest containing 14 quail eggs. These birds are common round here and apparently make good eating so I transfered the eggs under a clucky hen in the hopes she will hatch them out.
November 29, 2009
  quail  birds  eggs  incubate 
Friendly kereru regularly visit the orchard

Friendly kereru regularly visit the orchard

Details  Seen sitting here in one of the older plum trees, one of the local wood pidgin helps thin blossoms before flying heavily to the next tree.
Date  September 18, 2014
Tags    kereru  plum  blossoms  orchard  native birds 


Today I saw the first Tui as he flew lazily and dipped across the paddock, settling on the tip of a tall pine.

Over the next half an hour or so he explored the gully and I could hear his distinctive voice as he called out, seeking cousins.

I just hope he decides to take up residence and not just pass on through. There is plenty to keep him here, but no mates at present.

For the next week or so, 2 Tuis set up residence in our orchard and could be seen and heard playing noisily. At present (24 Aug) they seem to have gone again. We hope they return.
July 17, 2010
Bird Safety - The clown cat

Bird Safety - The clown cat

Gibson had been catching an unfortunate number of birds over the winter months (as well as mice which we are greatfull for) so something had to be done.

He doesn't seem to mind his bright 'bird safety' collar.
August 04, 2010
  Gibson  birds 
Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Botanical name  Helianthus annuus
Details  This easy to grow plant will produce a single large yellow flower 1 to 2 meters above the ground.
  • Plant climbing beans amongst the sunflowers when they are a meter high, the beans will climb the stem
  • The seeds ripen in April and can be fed directly to chickens or left for birds
  • Can get blown over by strong wind
Seeds / nuts / tubers  
Tags    annual  flowers  bees  birds 
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Colour  Yellow
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Tagasaste (tree lucerne)

Tagasaste (tree lucerne)

Botanical name  Chamaecytisus palmensis
Details  Fast growing, drought resistant nitrogen fixer (legume). This small tree has white flowers which are loved by bees, bumblebees and native pigeon.
Grown as a nurse or support tree during the establishment of more long term tree plantings. Useful as a quick canopy / umbrella over citrus, avocados etc. or used as physical scaffold for climbers such as grape, kiwifruit etc.
Good firewood from mature trees.

Pour hot water over the seeds and soak for 24 hours before planting into course sand.
Nitrogen fixer  
Tags    perennial  tree  legume  birds  bees 
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Baby Fantail

Baby Fantail

Known for its friendly 'cheet cheet' call and energetic flying antics, the aptly named fantail is one of the most common and widely distributed native birds on the New Zealand mainland.

It is easily recognised by its long tail which opens to a fan.

February 24, 2010
  Fantail  Native  Bird 


Botanical name  Dipsacus fullonum
Details  Fast growing tall flowering plant that needs no care or attention.
Values include: wind break, shade plant, water holding plant, soil improvement / stabilisation, biomass production, insect habitat, food source for birds, ornamental
Drought tolerance  
Tags    annual  birds  biomass 
Price  $3.90  100 seeds