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Good News and Bad News...

Well, the bad news is, I found one of the baby chickens dead this morning. Something ate half of it and left the rest. And whatever it was must have gotten into the crib-house which means it is likely a ferret. It is sad. But somewhat expected. We didn't think all three would necessarily make it to full adulthood. I hope the other two will though!
The good news is, a few days ago I found a nest of 13 eggs! One of the bantams has gone clucky again and has hidden her nest right in the middle of the paddock. We've marked it with a white pole so that we won't step on her. So in another few weeks, we will have more babies!
Update: 12 chickens hatch
November 24, 2009
  bantam  clucky 
Finding the eggs

Finding the eggs

A number of hens have gone clucky, it's that time of year again. Locating the outdoor nests is always a challenge as not only are they well hidden the hens are careful to come and go unnoticed.

Today's nest has 15 eggs slowly turning into 15 tasty chickens.
September 26, 2010
  Bantam  Nest  Clucky  Chicken  Eggs 
Chopping the clucky chook for dinner

Chopping the clucky chook for dinner

So, our chooks have started going clucky (broody) on us again. That means fewer eggs and the usual dramas of trying to get them 'unclucked'. Since we have been considering downscaling our operation due to the excess of eggs and the damage caused in the garden by the aggressively scratching fowls it seemed like an opportunity to have a chicken dinner.
January 24, 2011
  cook  eat  kill  clucky  broody  hen  chook