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Details  Somehow we are able to grow oranges out doors without cover. There is good wind protection in place and I have been mulching and fertilising regularly with seaweed and pig manure. The tree looks a lot better and the fruit has improved dramatically as a result.
Frost sensitive  
Fruit / berries  
Height (m)  1
Tags    orange  citrus 
Finding the culprit

Finding the culprit

Details  A lime tree that had been performing well, several years in the ground and producing plenty of fruit quite suddenly turned yellow, dropped its leaves and died. I quickly ruled out any insect damage and wondered if it had been too wet or too dry. Also it happened to be planed in close proximity to where a sickly apricot had been when we arrived. Could it be something in the soil? Some time passed and I decided to prepare the site to plant something else. When I got the old root ball out of the ground I could see that it was a gnarled, tangled mess. I think I found the culprit, myself, poor planting practice and failing to carefully spread out the roots from a pot bound plant.
Date  October 06, 2021
Tags    citrus