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The Triplets of blockhill

Of the twelve eggs, only three have successfully hatched.  There are three little fluffy feathered babies...all black like the mother, though they may be from other hens eggs...we aren't too sure. We have put some of the remaining eggs under the speckled hen who has also gone clucky, but it's been a few days now, and no other baby chickens have emerged. So it looks like we have just the three. Hopefully they will survive the ferrets and the cat!
November 10, 2009
  chickens  hatch 


So, the bantam that was sitting on 13 eggs out in the grass just hatched out 12 chicks.
As these are all from her own eggs they share a resemblance to the mother, all tiny and shades of brown.
December 07, 2009
  chickens  hatch  bantam