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European hazelnut

European hazelnut

Botanical name  Corylus avellana
Details  Broadly columnar, deciduous. Very edible hazel nuts in March with yellow autumn leaves in April. Make great windbreaks yielding nuts, small poles and rods. Coppice readily.
Wind pollinated (not self fertile)
Frost hardy
Family  Betulaceae
Diameter  3.00
Height (m)  5
Jugulone tolerance  
Seeds / nuts / tubers  
Soil type  Most (prefers moist)
Wind tolerance  High
Tags    nuts 
Japanese Chinquapin

Japanese Chinquapin

Botanical name  Castanopsis cuspidata
Height (m)  25
Diameter  10.00
Seeds / nuts / tubers  
Date  August 01, 2015
Shade / Sun  Semi shade
Soil type  Most
Tags    nuts  evergreen