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Scything like it's 1809

Scything like it's 1809

Trying out some rustic scythe techniques in the orchard. No noise, no smell, just good old fashion manual labour.
The scythe is best known as the weapon of choice of the grim reaper, basically a long, curved metal blade on a wooden pole with handles. Traditionally used for mowing grass and harvesting cereal crops, the scythe has a long history in agrarian (and revolutionary) societies.
December 25, 2009
  scythe  grass  tools 
More grass than you can shake a scythe at

More grass than you can shake a scythe at

The abnormally wet summer has caused tremendous grass growth. Not that we complain, as other things are also growing well.

Everyday is an opportunity to hack back a bit more grass... if only there were 7 of me!
January 05, 2012
  scythe  summer 

Learn to use a scythe

This workshop covers the details of using and caring for a traditional Austrian scythe. These tools are ideal for keeping smaller areas of grass under control. You will learn about:
  • Safety
  • Correct setup for your body
  • Posture, motion and technique for effective use
  • Different blades for different jobs
  • Sharpening and repairing
1 and a half hours
  scythe  education