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Summer 2021

Details   Our eleventh summer and things have been growing well. Here is an overview of how it looks now with some recent drone footage
Date   February 28, 2021
Tags     summer  2021  video 
little chickens

little chickens

The little bantams have arrived. There are 15 in total: 7 from one mother and 8 from the other. We have put both groups in the same chookhouse. So they have gotten all mixed together and it seems there is a favourite mother. She has 11 at the moment, and the other only has 4. I suppose they will keep swapping and sharing babies.
October 13, 2010
  Chickens  Video  Spring 

Grunt - tail of misunderstood pigs

Details   Our kune kune pigs featured in a student mini documentary. Filmed in 2019, it's finally available online for your viewing pleasure...

Grunt - tail of misunderstood pigs is a 10 minute film depicting how pigs are social and intelligent beings. As domesticated animals, pigs are often seen as an object or a good rather than an animal. This documentary sheds light on the fact that pigs can be great pets. It is uncomfortable for many
Tags     video  pigs