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Hugelkultur 101

Hugelkultur 101

Date   February 03, 2019
Details   A hot dry summer like this reminds us of the value of hugelkultur and retaining soil moisture. So, with the help of our young and energetic French helpers we threw together another log mound garden using rotted willow sourced from the nearby stream.
  1. Dig a hole
  2. Pack in the logs and any other surplus organic matter trying not to have too many air pockets
  3. Cover it over with the dirt from the hole
  4. Stop and have a beer
  5. When favourable weather returns add seeds and plants or just let nature do its thing...
Tags     hugelkultur  zone2 
Pig on a leash

Pig on a leash

Ever since we got our first kune kune pigs we had imagined tethering them, or using them on a leash to 'mow' grass in various areas where free ranging pigs would be a disaster. Our most recent addition, Potamus, is proving to be very willing and trainable and quickly got the hang of the harness and the resulting reward of visiting fresh pasture.
August 05, 2018
  pigs  grass  zone2 

Regenerative planting - 10 year update

Details   The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now...

When we arrived most of the land was grass, exposed to the sun and wind. Heavy clay soil added to the challenge and progress was slow initially but as our knowledge and understanding improved things accelerated and once our pioneer, nurse trees reached shoulder height then things really kicked into high gear.

Lifting the wind off the surface of the land, blocking some of the strong sun and increasing biomass all helped to improve the conditions for our subsequent plantings as well as the earlier, initial attempts that did not enjoy life out in the open.

Grass has mostly been replaced by deep rooted, perennial plants, many of which we chop heavily and regularly to feed the soil and aid the productive fruit, nut and berry plants.

The photos show 10 years of progress looking North
Date   December 30, 2020
Tags     progress  zone2